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Professional, efficient, reliable and intelligent overseas warehouse service.

Order Fulfillment

Fulfill your orders from various selling platforms: ebay, Walmart, Wish, Shopify, your own site, and so on. Location advantage guarantees cheaper shipping rate and less shipping time.

Return Products Relabeling

Receive your products removed from Amazon warehouses, relabel them and send them back. With team member in both China and U.S., whenever you need us, we are here for you.

FBA Transfer
(FBA 中转)

Ready for both logistics companies and cross-border e-commence sellers. Competitive domestic shipping rate and cheap storage fee not only save your money but also lower your operation risk.

Return Inspection and Repair

A professional team is working hard to help you inspect returned products, recycle sellable products, identify possible product issues and repair your products if needed.

Value Added Service

                   •custom clearance (海关清关)                    
                     •virtual warehouse (虚拟仓)                     
       •slow moving inventory clearance (尾货处理)        
             •shipping back to China(邮寄回国)            

Local Operation Service

The closer to the market and your customer, the easier to build your business. To promote your brand and products with a better local customer service, our native speaking customer service team is your best choice.

About Us

A realiable oversea warehouse with high-quality and efficient logistics warehousing and distribution service tailored for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

Efficient Warehousing

Bizto, a Houston (休斯顿) based oversea warehouse, was founded and managed by an experienced team in U.S. e-commerce market for a decade. Located in the center of the country, our advantage in shipping is obvious. Responding to clients is always immediately, as we have teams in both U.S. and China. Not limited by the regular oversea warehouse services, many valued added services are also provided. Aiming at helping clients to build their e-business in U.S., we have been chosen and trusted by many cross-border sellers and logistics companies.

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